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The Hitcham Jubilee Web Site

Welcome to the Hitcham Jubilee web site, a working site for the people of Hitcham, Suffolk.

We hope you will find the information on this site very useful; but if it is to achieve its full potential we need to hear from you. To sign up as a member will

  • cost you nothing
  • take only a few moments, and
  • allow you to put up advertisements, notices, and other information in the members' section.

All these pages will then be available for visitors to see.

As well as the current facts and figures (soon to be updated), a village diary, and a guide to local services, the site includes a footpath map, as well as agendas and minutes for parish council meetings. If you join as a member you'll also be able to take part in the discussion group (when it goes live later this year), post notices and advertisements of your own (right now!), and send suggestions for new features and content.

Click on any of the links above (or below) to get started or .


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